Crash on close with 2.9.5RC

Hi, I'm currently trying to sort out a selection of songs for the OpenLP database, some from the sample collection, others from a previous trial of an earlier release. I have exported the songs I want, then deleted all the songs, and re-imported the exported songs. Running openlp from command line in Ubuntu, it crashes on exit.

I have managed to get a core dump, but it's 80+MB, so not good for email. However, I have managed to run with '-l debug' and got a debug.log file which might help.

I've copied it to:

I'm using 2.9.5Rc on Linux - Ubuntu 22.04.

In this case, I opened openlp, with no songs in database, used Import song to load a batch songs, previously exported earlier today, then closed OpenLP. The sequence was: -------------------------

igor:openlp$ openlp -l debug >log 2>&1

Segmentation fault (core dumped)



I am happy to try other sequences on request.



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