OpenLP 2.9.5 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) Helpful Dadassah-Images saved in Service, trashed at next use

I've been successfully running OpenLP 2.9.4 on Windows 10 & 11 for quite some time. I installed the OpenLP 2.9.5 and ran into a problem with images that when I add a new image or change the image in the Service, that when I reopen the Service I get the trash icon and the image will not work. I guess I'll have to go back to the OpenLP 2.9.4 version.

Any help.


  • Put an Image (jpg) into a new Service. Save the Service, then re-open the Service. The image now has a trash icon on it and will not work. This problem is only on OpenLP 2.9.5 and does not happen or occur in OpenLP 2.9.4. I use both Windows 10 & 11 systems on multiple computers and does the same on all of them.

    Any help.

  • OK, I believe I've figured the issue out. Images, Media, and Presentations are all using sqlite databases. Love it. All I have to do is make a new OpenLP 2.9.5 Library and add my previous data from OpenLP 2.9.4 Library into the new structure. I'm sure it will work when I'm finished.

    Thanks for OpenLP2.9.5 -- Love it.


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    After rebuilding my OpenLP 2.95 Library from scratch onto a new OpenLP 2.9.5 install, I still have the problem previously discussed. When I put an image from Images Folder into a Service and and save the Service, all is just fine. When I open the Saved Service the image has a trash icon in front of it and will not open.

    Hey anyone out there trying to use the new OpenLP 2.9.5 except for me?


  • In the troubleshooting section of the forum I believe this problem has been reported, and the fix for OpenLP 2.9.5 on Windows 10/11 should be out on the next release. Sorry, I should have read all of the forum.


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