Sound/Video(VLC) issues on Mac

Hi there:),

not sure if it's the right Board but i wanted to share with you my troubles with sound/videos (VLC) issues on Mac and how i fixed it.


MACOS: Ventura(13)

OpenLP: 2.9.5

VLC: 2.2.8


  • No Sound when playing media file (video is working)
  • Video does not start automatically when on live view
  • Animated background hangs up after some minutes

Since the mentioned problems are related to VLC I checked if i'm actually able to open a media file with VLC that

leads to an crash of the application.


After some research i found out that after a certain MacOs update (unfortunately i forgot the version) the security policy had changed that leads to the issue.

VLC fixed the issue with version 3.x but for the previous versions it needs to be enabled manually.

So after enabling VLC in System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Accessibility it worked again like a charm.

And all above mentioned issues are gone

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