unable to see full screen live view

I am using version 2.9.5 on a laptop and connected to either a projector or tv. When I click on the service items it used to show the full screen on my laptop and on the projector or tv. Right now nothing changes. When I choose output on Windows 10 it just shows 1|2 for screens no matter what my second screen is. I did try going back to an earlier version of OpenLp but it didn't help. All help would be apreciated.


  • I hope you backup up your OpenLP data and restored it when going to an earlier version of OpenLP as they can interfere with each other and can cause more issues.

    In terms of the display issues; I don't quite understand your setup, but it sounds like you might have mirrored your screen to the projector in the past, but now you are extending your screen? Extending your screen is recommended.

    If you mirror your display, you will need to check "Display if a single screen" in the "Screens" section of the settings for anything to show.

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