OpenLP 3.0 has been released!!



  • It's a known issue that's being fixed for the next release. Some combinations of Windows languages + Windows versions/updates + internal components used by OpenLP is causing this issue.

  • I can reproduce it. Will take a look, as it's look like a bug. As for a temporary workaround, opening the presentation from the Service panel twice seems to fix it for the current slide.

  • If, as you say, VLC is now packaged with OpenLP, what does the user need to do? (That question isn't expressing doubt about the validity of what you said.)

    My question is because I have previously deleted VLC in an attempt to isolate the issue of OpenLP not finding VLC. I also deleted OpenLP and re-downloaded it.

    VLC is nowhere to be found on my system. I can't install it if it isn't there to begin with.

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    Thanks so much for this wonderful OpenLP 3 upgrade. Only area that I had any problems was remote but everything else is great. I love the new chords functionality and how you can move up or down as desired on a song key. Running great on Windows 11

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    Please can I request a feature that was available in the 2.4.6 version?

    In the stage view and chords view of the web remote:

    1. Can you add the ability to change the size of the text?
    2. At the end of a song item, can you show what is coming up next?

    Otherwise, it's fantastic.

  • VLC is nowhere to be found on my system. I can't install it if it isn't there to begin with.

    It is literally inside the -- that is why you don't find it.

  • It is literally inside the -- that is why you don't find it.


    So that means I need to have VLC as a separate application for the times that I want to use it as a standalone application, I presume. And this raises some questions, too.

    When did you begin packaging VLC inside OpenLP?

    What version of VLC is inside OpenLP?

    Has the version of VLC changed since you began the packaging? From what to what, and when?

    And what happens when the videolan project discovers a bug and needs to release a fix?

    I'm not trying to be difficult. These things happen, as you know. I can see the value in what you've done, no question. But I'm trying to think about what happens when things go awry.

    Yes, I'm trying to isolate what's gone wrong that OpenLP still cannot find VLC. There was no log in the location that the manual said that it should be in. There was some output after I had started the programme, but not in a log. It isn't much, but it might tell you what you need to know. I'll send you a PM.

  • We bundle the latest version of VLC with OpenLP, which is downloaded through HomeBrew. So every release will have the latest version of VLC at the time of the release.

    I think you said that when you installed the universal version of VLC from the VLC website? We might need to look into that as a possible alternative to the version in HomeBrew.

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    All I can say is WOW!!! Love OpenLP 3

    Everything works. I've setup a windows local network with one windows 11 laptop, and two windows 10 desktops and all the remote functions work. Right now I'm displaying OpenLP 3 on my laptop screen with a Samsung 55" HDTV as my overhead presentation. I have six displays showing the following:

    (1) Laptop 1: OpenLP program

    (2) Laptop 1: html out goes to Samsung overhead where my service is projected for the Congregation.

    (3) Desktop 1: has.monitor 1 with the "stage" display using http:// URL in Chrome browser and F11 fullscreen

    (4) Desktop 1 has monitor 2 (extended) with the "chords" display using http:// URL in FireFox browser and F11 fullscreen

    (5) Desktop 2 has monitor 1 with the "main" overhead view for classrooms through the church. (Chrome)

    (6) Desktop 3 has monitor 2 (extended) with Remote control to enter Alerts. Can be also in Classrooms for parents. (FireFox)


    Johnny Fowler 405-620-3765

  • Hi guys, thank you all for the new version of OpenLP! It's great! We use your work for many years. As we observed, many parts of the programme were rapidly improved. We tested the software and found some problems and thinked about what we still miss there, so here is our report.


    - the integrated stage view (http://IP/stage) doesn't allow resizing, to be exact, when zooming the page the font size remains constant. while this may sometimes be desirable it can be more of a problem when the screen is too far or too small. (the fact that the integrated stage view CSS file is inaccessible, as far as I know, doesn't help)

    - the new stage view doesn't render empty frames - slides with no characters, and instead replaces them with the song title. I realize that this is the inteded behaviour and it is easy enough to customize or bypass, however when it comes the .zip stage view I haven't found a way to modify this behaviour for the #nextslide which still instead of a blank space or nothing draws the song title.

    - song library order/indexing issues. to give an example "002" finds itself inbetween "199" and "200" and every number lower than "100", from "000" up to "099", is placed after "286" nearly at the end of the list, obviously you understand why this would be inconvenient. my conclusion is that the code simply doesn't consider "0" to be less than "1".


    - possibility to add notes as a property of individual songs and song slides that would show up only in the stageview. mainly information such as: the key, the tempo, who's got a solo, who sings which part, etc. this being service specific is pretty limitng.

    - proper and smooth crossfade transition inbetween songs and when changing themes. when transitioning to the next song the main view flashes/blinks.

    - playing animation while clicking Show theme

    - the ability to change playback speed of background videos and videos in general

    - NDI input for theme backgrounds and as a video source

    - NDI output for /main

    - possibility to search the text in Bible in OpenLP Remote

    Could you think about it, please?

  • I'm trying til install OpenLP 3.0.0 on my MAC (OS 13.1), and it don't work even after running the command in Terminal.

    What to do?

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