Video Background Black Screen

Creating a new theme with a video background shows the background black, pressing the esc key to go to desktop and pressing it to go back shows the video for a second but returns the black background. I tried with an mp4 file, I even removed the audio in an editor because I read that there was a problem with the videos and audios but it still worked.

Is there any solution?

It would still be a good idea to add an option to change the background without changing the theme, greetings and thanks!

Open LP 3.0 W10


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    No comment on the video issues (sorry), but being able to have custom images per song with the "same" theme would make things so mush easier to make global changes when yo go to a new venue to projection config. (With once off events, at the moment we just go back to a single theme for the service and give up customized backgrounds).

    I see there are a number of feature requests on this one.

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