Issue with second screen Not always on top for Mac OS 13.1

We have recently moved to a Macbook with M1 Pro chip but videos will no longer display on the second screen if OpenLP is not the active window. I was wondering if there was a way that the mac version of OpenLP 3.0 could be configured so that the second screen is always on top as it can be in the PC version?

Thank You


  • This might be something peculiar to macOS 13.1. I don't currently have a 13.1 macOS installation to test anything out on, but I've just bought some extra hardware for my host computer and I'm going to get some macOS virtual machines installed to be able to test OpenLP across a few different versions of macOS.

  • Not sure if this is the same issue, but for me, the menu bar is visible on the second screen. (MacOS 11.7.1 with OpenLP 3)

    (And, massive thanks Raoul—not only pouring your heart, soul, and time into this project...but needing to buy special equipment for testing. Huge thanks!)

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