Right alignment of footer texts in songs and prevent displaying copyright symbol twice

Currently it's possible to indicate the horizontal alignment of the song text in the theme editor. But this is not available for footer texts. We would like to align the copyright text in the lower right corner. We currently have configured a fixed resolution of 1024x768. It is possible to define a X and Y coordinate with the width and height of the footer text area. But with short copyright texts there is a lot of white-space to the right of it. With long texts not all text is visible. A right alignment option could solve this or maybe there is a work around with the use of some format tags?

Beside that I remember there was a function to hide the copyright symbol in version 2 but I cannot find it in version 3. Is this function removed? For some song books the copyright symbol was already there. For these songs the copyright symbol is displayed twice when projecting.

Can you bring back the function to hide the copyright symbol and make it possible to configure this for each song book independently?


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