RECOMMENDATION: Adding seperate Folders to the Songs Library view

Could a future update please allow you to have seperate folders so you can sort your songs into groups of similar songs?

When you create a song, you would *have to* assign it to a folder. You could then select which folder you want displaying in the Songs Library and then only the songs in that folder would display in the Songs Library. You should also be able to choose "All", to view songs in all folders at once.

It could maybe look something like this rough sketch made on MS Paint:

In the pop-up called "Maintain authors, topics and songbooks", there should be an option to maintain Folders, which would let you rename and create new Folders.

When using the search function, I don't have an opinion on whether it should search in all Folders by default or if it should only search the selected Folder.

I hope this can be considered for down the track!


  • The OpenLP already provides the Songbooks functionality (to group songs related to the same songbook/hymnal) and the Topics functionalities (to group songs by tags/themes/arbitrary sentences).

    When clicking the 'Song' icon on the search box, the search mode can be chosen to filter by various modes, including Songbooks and Topics.

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