OpenLP 3.0.1 with Only the Remote Interface

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I installed OpenLP 3.0.1 on Ubuntu. Everything seems to be working fine. I was even able to get an old lower-third custom stage working with some minor tweaks to the HTML and Javascript files.

Is there a way to run OpenLP with only the remote interface? We will use that to make lyrics available to OBS and don't need the OpenLP display at all.

-- Art Z.


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    OpenLP is needed because it acts as "a server" for the web remote which can be seen as "a client" because it uses the web api of OpenLP.

    Web Remote is an Angular (Javascript framework) SPA application.

    I use OpenLP to create and check the service. During the service I operate it from within OBS. I only have one open request to make it possible to use hotkeys beside the mouse.

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    To answer my own question: There doesn't seem to be a way to make OpenLP dispense with the "display" window, or at least to stop forcing it to be on top of anything else on the physical screen.

    Fortunately, you can created a nested X server running inside a window. Then start OpenLP running on that X server (instead of the real X server). OpenLP then thinks that it has only one screen so it doesn't bother with a "display" window.

    Here is a little shell script which starts Xephyr (the nested X server) and then starts OpenLP running inside Xephyr. When OpenLP exits, the script kills Xephyr.

    -- Art Z.


    Xephyr -br -ac -noreset -screen 800x600 :1 &

    sleep 1

    DISPLAY=:1 openlp

    kill %1

  • Ok, but this "hack" only works in Linux based operating systems.

  • Could you use the settings for single display and then create a custom display with coordinates that move it to the bottom right pixel?

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