Song number without displaying "#"

Hello all. I've looked all over but can't find any reference to my query which may also of be helpful to others...

OpenLP 3.01 has a large library of H&P and StF hymns already imported into it (courtesy of a church leader) all with the correct numbers

We're using version 2.46 in church but I'm delaying moving over to 3.0 onwards because there appears to be no choice but to automatically display the # symbol before the hymn number

Even when taking the # out of the songbook info

The Live and Preview screens still insist on displaying the # - although now after the text...

As an aside I'd also like to display the first line of the hymn - but whatever I do to edit the songbook

the # still appears at the end of the first line (shown as "O1)

Hopefully there's a way to strip the # from the display..?

Thanks in advance for your help


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