Need material to help train others with the new OpenLP 3.0.1?

For the Windows 10/11 experienced users of OpenLP 3.0.1, there are two new training videos:

(1) OpenLP 110 Multiple Desktops-Win 11

How to create multiple desktop windows to view /stage, /chords & /main views from OpenLP Server PC to verify before service starts, and especially, when adding /chords to songs.

(2) OpenLP 111 Motion Background Gifs

How to convert mp4 videos of motion scenes into gif files to use for motion backgrounds within the Theme Editor to build new OpenLP themes for Service backgrounds.

Goto the link below: There are 10 other downloadable PDF files to help train individuals with OpenLP 3.0.1 on Windows 10/11.

It's all free to help Users of new OpenLP 3.0.1 with Windows 10/11

Johnny Fowler


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