OpenLP 3.0.2 has been released!

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OpenLP 3.0.2 is out! Update for all the latest fixes and goodies!

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  • Hey yall, still having an issue creating video themes. It seems as if the "background color" overrides the actual video, leading to the video not being shown at all, just the background color. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

    Running vs 3.0.2 on Windows 10 64 Bit.

  • I am having the same issue.

    To resolve the issue I have to disable and re-enable X11 bypass and disable then re-enable Disable transparency. Sometimes I have to do this multiple times to get the video background loop to work.

    I am using an AMD Ryzen5 with integrated graphics on Windows 10 64bit. I have not run into this issue on Intel based CPUs.

  • The X11 bypass does nothing on Windows (it is only for Linux). We're looking into the video background issue.

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    Having an issue with multiple instances of PowerPoint opening every time I push a button on the service in Windows 11. I had up to 14 instances at once with only one presentation. If I try to select a specific slide a new instance starts. If I move from the presentation to another service item and back, a new instance opens. Eventually OpenLP stops responding and I have to close everything down.

    Edit: I found a workaround for this issue. Our PowerPoint is a series of animated slides with weekly announcements set to a continuous loop. There are two options I've found: 1. Save the presentation as .jpg and import slide images to an image group. You can then set OpenLP to loop the group. The problem is I lose all my animation and transitions and I have to set the loop from the computer so no remote operation. 2. The better option in my opinion is to export my presentation as an animated .gif so I keep all my animations and transitions and it will automatically loop so it can still be controlled remotely.

    Edit, again: So it turns out the animated gif causes the file to be too large and OpenLP reads it as a corrupt file. I was able to export as an MP4 and so far haven't had any troubles. You can still loop the playback so I'll go with this less than ideal workaround until the bugs get fixed.

    Edit 3: MP4 only shows black screen. Gone back to 2.4.6 until some more bugs can be worked out.

    **Had I done my due diligence I would have seen that this was already a known issue and not wasted space here in the forum. Looking forward to trying it out again when the next release drops.**

  • Has anyone been able to install 3.0 on linux mint? The version on the Software Center is 2.4 and when I try to add the OpenLP PPA to enable me get 3.0, I get the message "This PPA does not support focal". Any help please?

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    On macOS Ventura, M1 chip, OpenLP throws an error whenever I click the File menu. Looks like it's a "file name too long" error due to a couple of files in the "recent items" list. Apparently Google Drive's new stupid-long paths are too much for it.

    Workaround was to open ~/Library/Preferences/org.openlp.OpenLP.plist using a plist editor, find the "core.recent files" entry, and remove the entries with long paths.

    On the VLC issue...if I have the arm64 version of VLC installed, OpenLP runs fine, but says VLC is missing. If I install the intel64 version, OpenLP hangs on start and I have to force-quit. If I install the universal binary version (, OpenLP also hangs on start and I have to force-quit. Tried installing VLC using MacPorts, OpenLP has no idea it's there.

  • Tried installing VLC using MacPorts, OpenLP has no idea it's there.

    Do you mean that OpenLP behaves in the same way as when you have the Arm64 version of VLC installed? That is, do you get the same message, 'VLC is missing'?

  • I noticed two things that I find concerning.

    1. OpenLP 3.0.2 takes almost twice as long to start as the version we were using (2.4.x)
    2. the icon pack is ugly and doesn't look like the task that it's supposed to do. e.g. the icon for blank to theme doesn't look anything like blanking to theme, and the blank to desktop has an X through it. Why? it doesn't make any sense, and seems like a massive step backwards in usability. How am I supposed to explain what it means to the less tech knowledgeable users? Who thought this was better?
  • I'm getting an error when downloading 3.0.2. It says “OpenLP” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.

    Therefore it's not opening or taking me to the installation.

    Please help!

  • I can only presume that you're running on a Mac.

    From the Blog



    macOS reports OpenLP as damaged, due to the OpenLP app not being signed. If you encounter this problem, you can try the following solution:

    1. From Applications / Utilities run Terminal
    2. In Terminal, type in the following command:
    xattr -dr /Applications/
    1. In some cases, you may need to append sudo to the above command
    2. This should allow you to start OpenLP normally

    However, as you're running on a Mac, I have a cautionary tale for you. The following entry on the blog deals with Macs running Apple's 'new' chips, as opposed to the Intel chips that Macs have run for the past 20(?) years.

    VLC will almost certainly not run in conjunction with OpenLP.

    You can try any number of different ways to get VLC to come out of hiding, but openLP refuses to find it. ????

  • I use mint. I just download the source code, open the folder and double-click on the "" file, then select "run". It works fine (mostly).

  • Still some problems with the web remote that need to be addressed:

    1. It is not possible to adjust the font size in the stage view or chords view (this is a big drawback and makes it unusable).
    2. In the 2.4 version, at the end of a song item, in stage view, it displayed "Next Item" at the bottom. I found that very helpful. It's totally missing this feature in 3.0 please bring it back.
    3. In the 2.4. version, whatever I put between [square brackets] did not display on the main view, but did display in the stage view or chords view. Now I can't use that feature because it fags it as being not a recognised chord. Even if it's not a recognised chord, just leave it alone.
    4. Being able to edit the song and change the key is a great feature, however, every time I press the "up" or "down" button to change the key, it immediately takes me to the bottom of the song, where I can't see the [=G] key signature, and then I have to scroll all the way up again. It's most frustrating.
    5. Lastly, when editing a song on my laptop, the font in the edit box is so tiny I can't see it well enough. It would help if I could change the size of that font.
    6. In version 2.4 I was able to go to "print view" in the remote, which was black on white and print the whole song with the chords and correct verse order. I would love to have that feature back.
    1. Did you try the Settings in the burger menu? With that, I can adjust the font size for each stage view and chords view

    6. When you print a service (Ctrl+P) you can choose to print also the chords. Sounds to me like the feature you are missing.

  • Just one small question. I was running the default Stage View from 3.0.2 and it all works fine, except at the end of each service item it didn't say "Next Item: ___"

    I'm sure it used to display the name of the next service item. Is there a way to bring this useful piece of info back please?

    Also, what does this symbol in the top-right corner of Stage View do? I've selected and un-selected it but can see no difference.

  • Hi all, Im new. Only just discovered this project. Is there a url to the project development roadmap?

  • Hi @terence you can look at the issues in GitLab, and the milestones, but we don't have a specific roadmap, due to the fact that most of us developing OpenLP have very little time to do so.

  • @Sam_M We're aware of the missing next item in the new remote. As for the little button you pointed out, that's to hide or show service item notes, if I remember correctly.

  • I have had a learning curve with the new remote, but it has been worth it.

    Remember the new remote is running in a browser, I found that browser settings help change font size, etc.

    I use a separate browser for the remote (Firefox). I set up the browser for the appearance I want and use speed-dials to get to the remote interface I want (stage, main, etc)

    I would like a larger NOTES window in the remote, or control over the size. But the notes scroll easier than, so it is not bad.

  • I have installed 3.0.2 and have been struggling with it for a month+. How do I revert to v2.4.6 which was working fine. I have less technical people on my team that do not know how to work around the bugs that show up in 3.0.2.

  • If you have a backup of your data (which is normally created on upgrade) you can follow this downgrade guide:

    Which issues are you seeing that prevents you from staying on 3.0.2?

  • The theme I save the service with is not always the theme that is loaded when I load the service. The theme it chooses is not consistent, it’s not even the default theme.

    I run OpenLP on a laptop. I program the service without the laptop plugged into an external monitor and I always get an error about a mismatch in screen configuration. But I don’t change the configuration. When I plug the laptop into the external monitor at the church, OpenLP wants to project to the laptop. I have to change the screen configuration, and sometimes restart OpenLP to get it to recognize the external monitor. I didn’t have these problems with 2.4.6.

  • Hello team I just wanted to say how thankful i am for version 3 of OpenLP. we don't use it at a regular basis but recently I could test it in church and I must say I like the remote (on a smartphone) which now is really usable also for complete Newbies. Afte the service he told me "much more comfortable than in front of the notebook".

    I also tipped 21 bucks for the 4K monitor you needed to get.

    Thanks for the great work you did in the last years!

  • I'm having problems with the new update.

    I'm using open LP to broadcast in OBS using the live view "ip.add.res.000:socket/main" and when I click the show desktop button in Open LP it now shows the desktop in the live view, whereas before it was empty. so I have words in broadcast when I need them, but when words stop and I want to show desktop on projector and nothing on live screen it shows the desktop on both, this isn't how it was working before, is there a fix for this?

  • Hi guys

    That's fantastic news! The release of OpenLP 3.0.2 brings with it the promise of improved performance and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother experience for users. Looking forward to trying it out!.

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