[3.0.2] Print Service - Bible Verse Numbers not being Superscripted

I recently upgraded from 2.4.6, where I previously had a custom service_print.css file. I thought that perhaps the formatting requirements had changed, but I believe even without using it, in 3.0.2. all my Scripture verse numbers are showing up just as plain text. I notice this specifically in HTML.

In 2.4.6, the copied HTML would contain markup similar to this:

<span style=" color:#000000; vertical-align:super;">

Now, though, I don't notice any markup whatsoever preceding/surrounding verse numbers, and as a result, even in the Print Preview, the numbers just show up amidst the rest of the text.

Is it possible I've somehow corrupted something when migrating to the newer version? Or, is there some other setting / customization required so I can get my verse numbers superscripted again?

Thanks for this wonderful program, by the way, and also in advance for the help!


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