Powerpoint not working after new install

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Our church laptop has just been upgraded to an SSD and a clean install of windows, We are currently running the latest update of openLP and the latest Microsoft office 365.

Everything opens, when I load them into the program ie songs, bibles and media. however when I try and open a loaded powerpoint, nothing happens and the blue circle keeps on going round, the only way I can come out of it is to end task. for some reason the presentation opens in the preview screen.

On the settings page Powerpoint is ticked but keynote says unavailable as does PowerpointMac. Also Pdf is ticked but says unavailable.

Previous to the reinstall we used to use Powerpoint presentations to displays our notices as well as presentation.

Any suggestions out there please as to how I can get powerpoint to load and dislpay?

Thank you in advance.



  • I solved a similar problem too.

    It can be avoided as follows - but this does not solve the error in the program.

    1. Start PowerPoint and leave it running (just a program without presentation)

    2. Launch OpenLP 3.02 - In the settings the PowerPoint Party should be checked in the settings

  • Hi.

    Thank-you very much for your reply. I will try that and report back. As this is only a new problem since the new 3.02 update, hopefully Openlp are working on a solution.

  • Morning PaTER68.

    Just tried your solution but unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I can hold the mouse over the powerpoint in the task bar and the page shows on the screen but unfortunately when I go back to the openlp program, the PowerPoint display goes off and the program is still frozen with the blue circle and the only way out is to end task. Hopefully there will be a solution out there. Thank you.

  • we have the same problem - an error in integration.

    Using ppt 2007.

    Everything was fine in our previous version of OpenLP, until i upgraded this morning. How do I revert to the old version? When I look at the list of old versions I can't tell which is the Windows 64 bit installer...



  • The problem seems to be linked to the box which is ticked, 'let powerpoint control the size and position of the presentation window', in the powerpoint settings in openlp. When I uncheck the box, powerpoint opens as normal in openlp but only 1/4 size of the display. When I check the box again to get a full screen, the program freezes.

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    Unfortunately, there is an error in the program. I was dealing with this exact problem.

    The solution is a bit "skeletal", but it works. You must have the same resolution on both screens. Then you will have a full screen presentation.

    This setting cannot be done in OpenLP, but in the system settings, on the computer.

  • The solution is a bit "skeletal", but it works. You must have the same resolution on both screens. Then you will have a full screen presentation.

    This is a deal breaker. With OpenLP 3.0 running so slowly, and not being able to run power point we need to back out of this version. How was this not caught before being released?

  • I am experiencing the exact same issue for a while now. I have been trying both solutions suggested in this thread, none of which worked for me.

    with the last solution suggested, i had some difficulty trying because i have 2 screens with a very different aspect ratio, but when i finally got it working, still either openlp freezes as soon as i open a powerpoint, or if i unchecked the box for letting powerpoint control size and display for presentation, it just gives me 1/4 of the screen.

    I noticed that if i open the openlp screen settings, it at all times displays a resolution that is totally different from what im actually running and what i see when i go to windows display settings.

    When im running my normal resolutions (3840X2160) and (3840X2400) open lp tells me its (1920x1080) and (1280x800)

    In which i find it interesting that for the first screen, the resolution that openlp says it is, is exactly half of the actual resolution, but for the second screen, its totally different.

    When i changed both of my screens to the exact same resolution: (2560X2048) openlp thought that the one screen was indeed (2560X2048) but somehow decided the other one was (853X683)

    Openlp every now and again prompts me with the mismatch in display settings message at startup as well.

    Might this have anything to do with it?

  • Are you using screen scaling? There are issues with screen scaling in the underlying graphics library that we use, and we have been working on a solution.

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    yes, that seems to be it, putting it all to 100% makes it work just like it should, and always used to work, except i need a magnifying glass to still see what im clicking:)

    great to hear you are working on it!

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    ive been back at this issue again. and i managed to get powerpoint working without while using screen scaling. What i did was i went to the openlp.exe>properties>compatibility>change high DPI settings. There i checked the box: "use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program instead of the one in settings" then i selected "when i signed in to Windows." I also enabled "high dpi scaling override" and put that on "system" (the normal one, not the enhanced, that resulted in problems as well) For me this resulted in powerpoint working perfectly fine, and also it made video backgrounds run much smoother.

    The only downside to this ive found so far is that when switching between black screen and text screen for example, it gives really weird blocky flickerings for like a second that show you the desktop or other applications that are opened on that screen below it. but that is a minor detail if you ask me, and you could probably solve this completely by taking a black background, so then there is nothing to show.

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    The PowerPoint issue with setting "let PowerPoint control the size and position of the presentation" in combination with different screen resolutions will be fixed in the next release.

  • when approximately can we expect the next release?

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