Fatal error with v3.0.2 Presentation Not works

Many thanks to the great development team! nice that it continues with openlp! we have been using openlp for many years.
I have two problems with v3.0.2:
1. The "Presentation" extension is not installed and cannot be selected / activated
2. win10 goes into a fatal error after some time. But only if openlp is running.

lenovo x201 laptop, intel5, 256gb ssd
v3.0.2 was installed via update from v3.0.1

thank you for your commitment


  • I solved a similar problem too.

    It can be avoided as follows - but this does not solve the error in the program.

    1. Start PowerPoint and leave it running (just a program without presentation)

    2. Launch OpenLP 3.02 - In the settings the PowerPoint Party should be checked in the settings

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