Text and layout all large


Ny Open LP has suddenly developed all large text so is unusable - see the picture below (see menus bar at top to get an idea for the size of the text. I have uninstalled, deleted the hidden directory in windows with the settings in, deleted the registry key and reinstalled and is still doing the same thing. Any thoughts?? I can't see any setting to change the font size within open LP - If i move along under the header bar, all the menus appear and look normal?

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  • I had a very similar display problem.

    I found another post here that suggested upgrading the Windows device driver to solve this problem. That sounded far fetched because I've had no problems with my display, but I upgraded my "Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620" driver from version to and the problem is solved. Your system most likely uses different drivers from mine, but updating may solve the problem.

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