Mac issues with OLP v3.0.2 short cut keys and display


I've come across a couple of issues since downloading the new version, and hoping you can help.

Setting up the service using Mac Studio running Monetary 12.3.1

Running the service on a Mac mini (2012) - just about running on Catalina

Main issue - we only run the OLP service to the 1 screen (we screen share to a different computer which runs OBS for streaming). Previously I'd 'go live' the slides would come up and then I'd just press esc to cancel and go back to OLP when I needed to. On the updated version Esc doesn't work. I can get the tool bar at the top and then have to go to preferences - screens - and de-select 'display if a single screen'. But I then have to reverse that to show the slides on that screen again. This is the case on both Macs running different OS's so I don't think its the OS.

Secondly, and less important but a bit annoying, I used to be able to select multiple presentations/songs to add to a service, or delete using Shift or Command. Currently neither of these work either and I have to do things 1 presentation at a time. Not sure if that's connected to the Esc key not working to exit the live slides or not.

Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated


  • Firstly, OpenLP is not intended to be run with only a single screen. We allow people to use only a single screen for flexibility for small churches, but this is not how OpenLP is built to run.

    Secondly, I tried both of your bug reports, on macOS Monterey 12.6.2, OpenLP 3.0.2, and I an unable to reproduce either of them. When I press escape, the window disappears, and when I use shift, I am able to select multiple songs and drag and drop them into the service.

    Do these problems persist past restarts of macOS? Are there any other utilities running that might interfere with OpenLP?

  • on my Mac:

    Shift/Command works fine for Songs and Custom slides.

    Does not work in Presentations and Media.

  • For me on Windows with v3.0.2, I can select multiple songs from the Songs Library and add them all to a service but I cannot select multiple items from within a service and move or delete them all. I can't remember if I was able to do this or not in previous versions but nevertheless it would be great if selecting multiple service items at once could become a feature.

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