Songbooks and Titles need some TLC

First, I have moved to ver 3 with the 3.0.2 release. It seems to be stable enough and I like many of the new features.

I would like to see the option to have the Song Title on the first slide along with the Songbook. Maybe the option would be "ADD FIRST SLIDE" with sub options of Songbook and/or Song Title.

When I was reviewing this in 3.0.2, I found that the first slide is being added no matter the setting for "Add Songbooks as first slide".

I did not try changing the setting and restarting Openlp, however when installing, I forgot to set this and yet it was active. It seems that if set or not set I get the Songbook as a first slide.

Again, Thanks for all you do. I have enjoyed working with OpenLP sense the version 1.


P.S. We use the portable version so that I can setup services on my office laptop and then run it on the service laptop. This is the only way I found to keep all the databases up-to-date and working smoothly. I always wonder if a setting gets stored on a local computer instead of the portable USB drive.


  • Hello!

    The option "Add Songbooks as first slide" will add a slide that persists when you save the service (even when the other OpenLP instance opening the service has the setting disabled).

    There's a couple of patches pending for the next releases that will also allow to use the footer as first slide, and will allow us to add a option to 'strip' these slides from imported services if needed. But it will not work for services created with prior versions of OpenLP.

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