No working OpenLP for openSUSE

Why is there currently no executable version of OpenLP for openSUSE? As far as I understand it, the open build service of SUSE is open for every project to build the executable packages for several distributions. Wouldn't that be an option? Or what about flatpak?

Since the post of SteinLind ( that openLP does not start I am also no further. There seems to be a libqt5-qtwebkit, but not in the official sources and it does not install on my system (Leap 15.4 rebuilt with XFCE).

Sounds like the end of OpenLP on openSUSE - especially since no one has responded to SteinLind's threat (who is not in a hurry with his Windows machines).

Extreme pity!


  • Hello @ChHe72 we don't have anyone who uses openSUSE, and we are already very limited on the time we have. If someone wanted to step up and create builds for openSUSE, we'd love to help them with that, but the reality is that we just don't have the time to spend on another distro.

    Also, in that post you linked, @SteinLind was using OpenLP 2.4.6, which had older dependencies. I'm pretty sure you can get OpenLP 3.0 running on openSUSE.

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