Folders for custom slides

Hi - I'm building up a big list of custom slides, as I use OpenLP for prayers and liturgy. Is is possible to implement folders for custom slides, like some of the other tabs in the library eg Presentations & Media?




  • And I think that this is relevant here.

    When there are a lot of items in a folder on disk, and all items are to be added to the, say, Presentation/Easter2023 folder, (because that's how I have organised my disk and want to keep the same organisation in OpenLP), on Mac, I expect to press ⌘+a (on Windows, Ctrl+a ?) to select everything in the folder. Except on Mac, it doesn't work. I don't know about Windows. Or any flavour of Unix.

    Yes, I can click on the first item and then shift+click on the last item, but I still have to know where that last item is, i.e. how far down the screen.

    It appears to be something that needs to be enabled. Is it easy? Please?

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