Ubuntu always installs 2.4.6 even when following directions on OpenLP Download site

I have a dual boot Ubuntu 22.04 & Windows 11.

I did as suggested on your download: "Ubuntu 22.04, Linux Mint The main view in the web remote does not update automatically on Ubuntu 22.04 due to Ubuntu/Mint shipping an old version of python3-websockets. This can be fixed by downloading and installing an updated version of the package from the official Ubuntu archive."

After again running sudo apt install openlp, it still installed OpenLP 2.4.6

I've ran sudo apt remove openlp and it removes OpenLP 2.4.6, but always install OpenLP 2.4.6

I have OpenLP 3.0.2 on my Windows 11 boot.

I want to install OpenLP 3.0.2 on my Ubuntu 22.04 boot also for my training at churches.

It's been a long time since I used Linux. What am I forgetting?




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