Projector stuck on black screen after playing video

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OpenLP 3.0.2 on Windows10 laptop. Occasionally after playing a video, the projector will get stuck on a black screen and no other content can be shown from OpenLP. The only fix is to close openLP and restart.

This seems to occur randomly (it does not do it again if you play the same video). It is possibly connected to the "video replays from start" problem (where the video is looping to the start and replaying the first few seconds, even though it is set to not loop.) Every time I've had it happen, it has been after an unintentional looping incident. But it is then impossible to reproduce it.


  • This is becoming a big problem for us - does nobody else see this issue? We have 2 linked churches with completely separate OpenLP setups (both Windows 10) and they both do it.

    It definitely happens after a video has incorrectly looped back to the start. Videos are not set to loop but nearly always do loop back and replay the first few seconds of the video (the time seems random) before they stop. After this, sometimes the projector output remains black - it seems like the video player window has remained active and is masking the main output.

    However, neither the video looping problem or this black screen problem is easy to reproduce. But it is hitting our services nearly every week.

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