Webremote main view in 3.0.2 not working

First of all, a big hoorray to the developers for making Openlp 3 possible!

When using images or PowerPoint presentations of PDF i get a strange image preview and nothing at all or some strange noise patters on the web remote.

I am using ubuntu 22.04 with X11.

Anyone else with these symptomatics?


  • Ok, I did some tests. The problem comes with a setting I did in gnome-tweaks: I set the fonts to a scaling factor of 1,5. Because I am using a 4K Monitor and I couldn't read the fonts, otherwise.

    Now I reset that to 1,00, and put the scaling factor in the normal gnome screen settings to 150% (activating fractional scaling) and now it works like a charm. Also, some other program like Audacity now look better than before.

    So, for me, the problem now has a workaround, thats completely fine for me, but if you would want to investigate further into it, I attach a screenshot with what I mean with the noise pattern.

    (Btw: I am 100% sure, this all happened in X11; I tested with :~$ echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE

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