Feature Request - Spontaneous Song, Instant text Display

I would really like to have the ability to put the words of a spontaneous song on the screen quickly and seemlessly.

Unlike CUSTOM SLIDE, which you need to create and save to protect, this would be more like the ALERT (https://manual.openlp.org/alert.html), where you could quickly open the interface type a few words and display them onto the screen instantly... and it would help people participate, understanding that, while not planned beforehand, God wanted these words it to be part of the current "normal" song.

Some ideas

  • You can hear a prophetic song or refrain, pop up the interface using a button or shortcut, type the words and show them for so to all to sing almost instantly.
  • Like the ALERT, you can keep it open and edit it to update the words and refresh the display again
  • The default would use the current song background, layout and text format. This would make it seemless with that song and make it undistracting going between the spontaneous refrain and, for example, the chorus of that song.
  • + there could be an option to customize the format to a unique format or to use the default side - similar to how you set up what the bible text looks like)
  • + Like the ALERT, You could save the current line(s) for later reference or making it possible to go between two sets of words

This would be really appreciated as the alternative we try use is CUSTOM SLIDES, but it just takes to long to get the words up, or edit them on the fly as things change.

(The + in the list could be future additions and not vital to the instant ability of throwing ad-hoc words on the screen)


  • Actually if there was a DISPLAY option on the custom slide interface it could be pretty close to provide this functionality.

    Instead of having to save it, add it to the playlist etc., you could DISPLAY it straight away from the interface. Maybe save it afterwards, but at least able display it quickly/ immediately.

    What about: "DISPLAY" "DISPLAY, SAVE & CLOSE" across the bottom like the ALERT window?

    The theme option would include "use current", or better still just use current if nothing is selected.

  • Hi Aliby,

    Using custom slides is probably the way to go. You could have an empty custom slide in your playlist already to make it fastest - this way you can edit the custom slide as soon as required and it's already in your playlist. Also, if the custom slide is live when you edit it, as soon as you save your edit, the edit should appear on-screen straight away.

    In response to "Instead of having to save it, add it to the playlist etc.", you already can send a custom slide live from the library without needing to add it to any playlist.

    Hope this helps.

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