Help setting themes

I want to set bibles to be a theme called bible with a visible footer with no transition.

I want songs to have a no footer as well as have a quick fade transition.

I cannot figure out how to set the themes I've made to certain presentation types.

I've even tried setting a certain theme to custom slides and they use the default theme.

I suppose I'm asking: What I'm doing wrong?


  • Actualy no this confuses me even more. as it seems nothing holds to any theme outside of what it was programed. I Think.

    songs are instant, custome slides have a transition, and so do bibles.

    but I have the default theme set as instant(a theme I made with no transitions) and i've set the service theme to instant.

    I feel like a dumb dumb right now not gonna lie.

  • What is your configuration setting for 'Settings' - 'Configure OpenLP...' - 'Themes' - 'Theme Level'?

    With the 'Theme Level' set to 'Song Level', it will use theme for a song in this order:

    1. song theme
    2. if no song theme, service theme
    3. if no service theme, global theme

    To make this work, try the following.

    Change the settings for your bible to the bible theme you created.

    Edit every song and set the theme to the one you created for songs. (or set the song one as the default theme, which would be less work?)

    You also need to turn off the Themes setting 'Transition between service items', which will force a transition between items. E.g. when changing from a song to the bible. I think it then uses the theme to decide in a service item whether to transition.

    Also keep in mind that if you change the bible theme, you will need to add verses back to the service to get the changes. I believe the same applies for custom slides.

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