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I was playing around with the Video Background options for the themes and I noticed that they only work on the default display of my computer, a laptop. If I try to present to a secondary monitor and use the main laptop screen as the display with OpenLP main screen, then the video background wont display.

If I reverse that, secondary monitor has OpenLP main screen and primary monitor has Lyrics, the video background works.

I've also am unable to get video backgrounds to work on our church desktop, so I wonder if this is the same issue...

Any ideas as to what is up with this?

Edit: So it seems like it's an issue with integrated graphics and dedicated graphics. It seems like OpenLP's video features are favoring the integrated graphics of my laptop (Intel HD) and not the dedicated graphics (GTX 1050). I thought of this after trying it out on my personal desktop pc and the video background played without any issue. Though I am still unsure about why they won't play on our church desktop.


  • Video backgrounds uses vlc and this in turn uses the display details used by the main display. There is no code reason why they should happen. Can you play native vlc on both displays? We did have an issue on one of our Windows machines where the video drivers were crashing vlc. Reinstalling the drivers fixed the issue.

  • My laptop setup:

    • Win 10
    • 1 laptop with integrated GPU (Intel HD) and dedicated GPU (GTX 1050) with external monitor.
    • VLC plays fine on the laptop screen and the external monitor. For good measure I just installed the newest version of VLC.
    • Haven't tried a driver reinstall yet. Not fully sure which would need it.
    • 1 thing I noticed in my display managers for Intel and Nvidia, is that neither shows the other display. Intel's display manager only shows the laptop screen, whereas Nvidia's Control Panel only shows the external screen.
    • If I go into screen settings in OpenLP and set my laptop screen to "Use this screen for display", the video starts right up.
    • But if you just add a media file, the video plays just fine like it should. Just not when used as a Background.

    My Desktop Setup:

    • Desktop with dedicated GPU (GTX 1070)
    • Win 10
    • This one has no problems whatsoever showing the Video Backgrounds. Does not matter which display the lyrics are sent to, it still shows the Video.
    • VLC as not been updated.

    Church Setup:

    • Win 7
    • Desktop with dedicated GPU (AMD R7 240) with 2 displays.
    • VLC once again plays fine on both displays.
    • I installed the latest VLC update here as well, and now the Video Backgrounds play for the first lyrics set. As soon as you move to the next set of lyrics it immediately goes away and returns to a black background.
    • I did do a driver reinstall here.

    So far VLC hasn't had any crashing issue on either the laptop or the church computer.

    If more info is needed, I can try to provide it.

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    So I found that on my laptop, if I go into the Nvidia control panel, under display, and then adjust desktop size and position, and then check "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs". It is now displaying the video backgrounds without an issue. Which this is then a case-by-case basis every time I need to use a new monitor.

    Edit: It might also be that, you need to let Window choose whether to is the iGPU or the dGPU. When set to just use the "High Performance" option, video BG's won't work. This is probably just a Windows problem instead of OpenLP... my guess anyway.

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