Openlp keeps crashing when opening on Linux Venessa and Vera

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After upgrading to Venessa (21) then Vera (21.1), Openlp fails to open.

I tried adding repository but it fails saying this paa does not support jammy.


After reverted back to Mint 20.1 then upgrade back to Venessa then Vera, uninstall Openlp and reinstall about 4x the issue was there.

I saw a post on here but I lost it.

It stated to

- download new version of Openlp

- set file to executable permission

- using terminal command line to install it.

I could not install via command line. I install it directly.

Praise the Lord, Openlp opens without crashing.

I will monitor it for any issues.

1 issue so far. Most of items were not migrated so this was causing app to freeze then soft crash when opening previous service list.

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