Song Title in Songbook Search


I have seen it asked on here for many years and wondered if there was a solution yet.

When searching a song in the songbook it returns a list of song numbers and their authors. You then have to click on the song to preview it.

It would be much better if there was an option to show in the song list whatever you’d like. I’d like to see Song Number followed by the Song title (or first line of the song) so that we could identify the correct song without having to preview it first.

Is this possible?


  • Not currently. I can add a feature request.

  • If I understand correctly, then I think there is a method already.

    I used to do this search all the time:

    I now do this, because I have been given the songbook and number to prepare the service.

    Click on the arrow in the search box. Then search by Songbook. Enter the number. The result is the Songbook, Number, and Title.

    But, I may have not understood the question.


  • Thanks for your replies.

    @revncele , thanks for the tip for the drop down, that’s something I wasn’t aware of, however, like you say, not quite what I was asking.

    When I search for a song, it returns the Songbook and Author. I’d like to see the Songbook and the first line of the song. You appear to get the Song name and then the author, I'm not sure how you’ve done this

    @raoul , much appreciated

  • @PaulFrench

    All I do is fill in the info for the song:

    I tried "Alternate title" to see if it is listed, it did not. However, I am sure that the first line in the Alternate title, might have some use.

    As an old-time programmer, I know that data has to be entered before it can be used. For the system to find a first line in a song might be a challenge. Not all songs start with a verse and the order can be changed. Hence, if something like first line is to be displayed it will have to be identified. Alternate Title might the best place.

    I am now rambling.

    @raoul , thanks again for all you do. The impact is much greater than you will ever fully know.

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