Web stage view on older TVs


We have had a couple of older TVs showing the stage view for people on stage and it was working great for about seven years.

Then we had a building issue and the TVs were taken down, somewhere in those months, OpenLP 3 was released so we upgraded, and now that the TVs are back they aren't showing the new web remote stage view. I'm assuming it is due to the new web remote being more javascripty and the TVs being old, but are there any pages that work like the previous OpenLP (2.4.6?)

The alternatives I've thought of are:

1) Revert to OpenLP v2, but I guess that isn't long-term

2) Replace the TV's, obviously an unexpected cost on that one

3) Add a couple of Chromecasts into the mix, I tested this today and it seemed to work

4) Find the URL to the old version of the web remote pages (??)

The TV's can Chromecast (built in) but only from certain video websites (i.e. YouTube).

Does anyone have any other suggestions, & can any devs confirm or deny the option of showing the web remote pages?

Thanks very much.


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