Service files corrupt in 3.0.2 on Windows

We are running with 3.0.2 on WIn 10, we prepare the files at home and save to a Google Drive, then run them at the church using 3.0.2 and Win 11.

We are starting to have issues with the prepared files not being able to be loaded in either environment, we get a message saying the file is either the wrong version or is corrupt. As one can image this is really frustrating. It isn't consistent, my wife prepped both our morning and evening services yesterday and saved them, the morning one was able to be re-opened immediately, the evening one was corrupt. The files are not large ~75Mb is typical.

We found in the forum that saving to a local drive might be a work around so we re-built the evening one, saving first to the desktop and then copying to the Google Drive. It seems to work but IMHO is not a good solution in the longer term. But the previous weekend, I had to rebuilt both and saved to the Google Drive and they both worked even though the initial save did not. So I am not confident we actually have a solution.

I am very happy to assist with debugging but would need some instructions as to what to do/provide that would be useful to the developers to identify and fix the issue.


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