Hide image thumbnail/name on stage view

Hello, we use our stage view for lyrics on our live stream. When we have scripture readings or other elements where we display images on the screen in the sanctuary, we have to turn the stage view on the live stream off because viewers see the thumbnail/name of the image. I would love to be able to suppress the thumbnail/image name so our video mixer doesn't have to remember to turn the key off and on during the worship portion of the service.

I apologize in advance because I am sure I saw a forum post that describes how to do this some time back but I could not find it. Thanks for any help you can provide!


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    Dont know what version are you using, but official /stage layout is not meant to be used for keying. Stage view is dedicated for presenter and for this purpose it works just fine. If you are using this as a key it may work in some cases, but it does not seem to me like the valid reason to make adjustments to support your usecase.

  • @jednou we are still on 2.4.6. I haven't gotten around to upgrading yet. We created a custom stage view to enable us to do the key on the live stream. At the time it was a common thing to do. Maybe not so much now, there may be a better way of doing this in the newer version. However, I am a volunteer leading a volunteer army so don't have lots of time to devote to researching and troubleshooting. Hopefully there's someone out there in the same boat as me who can help.

  • check your stage.js and try to add the following:

    updateSlide: function() {
      if (
       OpenLP.currentTheme ||
       OpenLP.currentBlank ||
       (OpenLP.currentPlugin != "songs" &&
       OpenLP.currentPlugin != "custom")
      ) {


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