Setting Backgrounds for Songs

Hey Everyone,

I was just curious; how do you all go about settings backgrounds for your service? I know they actually themes, but ours are all the same, font and layout wise, only thing that differs between them is what we set for the image.

  1. Do you choose a different background for each item in your service?
  2. Do you only choose one background to use throughout the service list?

Is there a best practice or does it just come down to personal preference?


  • Hello Bagel people.

    We use a different background for each song, often a photograph from or I share your curiosity about what other churches do, but I can't imagine not using a background that's appropriate for each song.

    It's unfortunate that OpenLP doesn't allow setting a background image for a song. We need to work around this deficiency by creating a separate theme for each song. This requires many unnecessary clicks.

    We recently moved from displaying 1920x1080 resolution to displaying on a 1024x768 projector. Hence the settings in each theme including font size, shadow size, X and Y position, Width, and Height no longer worked. It's unfortunate that we need to change the individual themes for hundreds of songs rather than change just one or two themes due to the resolution change. It would be so much better if OpenLP allowed each song to specify a background image.

    This unfortunate design decision in OpenLP causes me to waste lots of time every Saturday night preparing for Sunday's service.

  • Larry,

    When we used PowerPoint for all our projection needs, we did the image per song method. But I quickly got tired of reworking themes and trying to maintain a theme library that big. So I switched to just selecting an image that goes along with the theme of the service for that Sunday. Like for Mother's Day, I choose a nice floral BG, for Easter I choose an image looking from the Grave out, then for Memorial Day I choose a nice Flag BG (granted I really wanted to use a Video BG with a subtle waving flag, but Video BG are not working right on our Church PC at the moment).

    While OpenLP does have an Image and Media Libraries, and I know you can replace a service items image from them. But from what I understand, that only works after the item has gone live. I don't want to have to switch BG's in the middle of projecting it.

    It would be nice to be able to use the Image and Media libraries as BG picking points. I Like having an Over arcing Service Theme, that's useful for items that don't really need their own images. But it would be nice to just pick images and video BG's from a Media Library, sort of like how Worship Tools Presenter does.

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