[ Open LP 3.0.2 ] Video play problem with OBS on MacBook Pro

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Last week I updated Open Lp 3.02 on Intel MacBook Pro.

When I play video files on Open LP, I can see the video on the projection screen but I can't see on OBS.

It only shows image background without the video.

I use Atem Mini so I get the Open LP screen from OBS then put it into Atem Mini for PIP mode.

So people can watch Open LP screen (PIP) on the Youtube Live Video.

Before updating Open LP 3.02, everything was ok.

Please help me solve this issue.


  • How is your openlp/obs/atem interconnected? Cant get it from your description.

  • My MacBook has a projector and an external monitor connected. I sent the screen of Opne LP to the projector, captured the screen of Open LP with OBS, and send it to the external monitor as a full screen (OBS windowed projector). After that, I connect the monitor to Atem Mini for Youtube live streaming. When I play video files on Open LP, I can see on the screen of the projector but on the external monitor, I only can see the background theme image of Open LP.

  • This happened after upgrading from 3.0.1/3.0.0 or 2.4.6? Do you capture the screen area (or entire screen) when OpenLP display is showing or just selects the OpenLP "Display Window" on OBS? Because on 3.x, OpenLP uses VLC as media player, which is technically a separate window.

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