Remote links not working since 3.0

I run OpenLP both on a macbook and on windows laptop. On the macbook opening the remote link for main (ie crashes OpenLP... no error, just poof... no more OpenLP. This still works on windows. However the chords link (actually any remote link) is very finicky running on mobile devices (both windows and mac), I could only get it working on Chrome on my phone... I need it on my tablet but it just shows a static logo. I assume there's some new functionality requiring latest browsers but please we still need a version for older devices that can't run the latest software... even if it doesn't have all the functionality.

I'm forced to still use 2.4.6 for our church since we rely heavily on the main remote link, I'm really excited to update because of the chords functionality but it won't work on the browsers available so there's no point at the moment and if anyone tries to access the main view we could bring down the system.



Remote app (iphone/ipad) -> works

Remote Main link -> works

Remote Stage link -> works

Remote Chords link -> unavailable

3.0.2 with remote V0.9.10

Remote app -> works

Remote Main link -> Fatal on mac (this has been the case since testing versions for V3 were available so since 2.9 something)

Remote Chords/Stage link -> only works on latest version of chrome on mobile that I could find

Also if we could get a way to customize the chords view (like that is available for stage view) that would be really awesome.

Just need the title at the top and set the font sizes.


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