update reccomended (quick edit, auto resize)

edited May 28 in Development

Hi everyone, I'm "new" on openlp world, I tried it in the past but I preferred other programs for example freeworship because I found it faster respect openlp, above all for the creation of a new song. I must change program only for "stage" functionality. I really appreciated control remote and I like stage function. But there is something that I think is very important to update: edit and create new song. On freeworship for example there was a killer feature: with a right click on the verse on line or preview, you can edit quickly if there is an error. One more tip is for create a new song, I think that click always in the bottom for the division of the verse is very limiting, sometimes I've to create during the service a new song and it is a practise very slow. Another think that it was very good was that with a simple "V" (+ enter) the formatting was "Verse", with "C" chorus, you can also put V1 or C1 and for repeat a verse you can write only V1 for example. It is so easy!

I promise that it is the last thing (I hope). Another shock was the fitting of the words. I try to explain: there are programs where there is an adaptive system, you want the size of verse 100 for example, when is possible all the verse is 100 but when there is a very long verse the size reduct to 72 maybe and all the verse is displayed, maybe this option could be an optional, there are different preferences for this I imagine. Thank you a lot for your job. I'm sure that God bless you for this work.

p.s. Can you give the option to remove transition when you project and after you put black screen? It his a practical need, because I use a green screen settled with black and the tranisitions are enemy of "black screen". Thank you, thank you thank you if you have read all the text.

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