Feature Request- Dropdown for Songbook Separation

Hey! Just starting to introduce OpenLP to my team. A big sticking point is songbook separation.

We currently have a traditional hymnbook with 500 hymns that is only used exclusively morning service, praise songs exclusively used for praise services, camp songs, christmas songs... and we currently use OpenSong which has a handy dropdown ("Folders") which only songs from whichever book you want - or ALL if you prefer.

So my ideal would be

Dropdown Titled "Songbooks" with my pre defined selections and an ALL as default:

  • ALL Songs (800)
  • Traditional Hymnbook (500)
  • Praise Songs (250)
  • Camp Songs (50)
  • Christmas Songs (50)

I appreciate that i can search by songbook - but having them all in a list with the songbook in front is less than ideal.

Thank you for all the work you do!


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