Feature request ? Hidden text in Notes ?

edited June 7 in Development

I use Notes attached to service items to send commands to various devices or applications at the beginning or end of an item or slide, and when changing the display (show, blank, theme, ...).

These commands are not supposed to be displayed anywhere. They must be hidden in stage view, chords view, ...

Then these commands have a specific format which makes them easy to locate/extract in the Notes by regex.

A program I've written uses remote access to collect the Notes, then extracts the commands and executes them.

A custom view adapted from the stage view allows these commands not to be displayed on the stage.

However, it would be more practical to provide a more general method of hiding text in notes.

I've tried using the formatting tags to hide the text of commands but formatting tags don't seem to be interpreted in Notes.

Is it possible either to allow formatting tags in Notes, or to define a simple supported syntax for inserting hidden text in Notes?

Thank you very much for this great software and for your work to constantly improve it.


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