Video Output Solutions


I've been attempting to convert my church from a buggy Windows installation with an old version of EasyWorship to a Linux setup with OpenLP. It's much more stable (assuming I'm using X11) and integrates well into our streaming setup with stage views. Thank you to those who have contributed to this fantastic free software! There's one factor that prevents me from pulling the trigger. Our projection system utilizes several other softwares/computers/etc that mix into the video that goes to the front projectors. OpenLP would be mainly used for lyrics. The computer setup is complicated in such a way that screen/window capture methods are unideal. Is there some way I've missed that I can mix OpenLP's output (into OBS, or similar) without the window OpenLP creates? I've experimented with stage views to that end, but they doesn't seem to carry background image/video, etc. Similar software create virtual webcams and/or NDI streams to fill this need. That would be ideal, but they don't seem to exist in OpenLP.

To summarize: How can I output OpenLP's full display into other software without using screen/window capture?


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