Headless management of a service

With openLP remote and the combination of Companion & Elgato StreamDeck we are able to use a prepared service with different media without the need of a technician or additional people who control the openLP. So the openLP is running "headless" without control monitor or access to the desktop (which would overcharge the people who are leading through the service).

This works fine but needs at least for every service to be filled/prepared by people who know how to add media and how to position them to the service manager. Maybe this would only need some training, but what is more important: connecting with remote desktop (RDP) and disconnecting after leads to locking the windows screen and from locked screen it is not possible to show videos any more.

To setup a service from remote or without local desktop login we are looking for a possibility to add media to the service manager like through API or manipulating sqlite.database. Or do you have other suggestions?


  • aboabo
    edited July 4


    For remote control of our OpenLP PC we use to use TightVNC to avoid problems with displays.

    RDP use a virtual display which is not the same as physical displays. Therefore OpenLP does not detect the physical displays during RDP session.

    TightVNC use the physical displays. Then OpenLP detects the same physical displays than local session.

    Important : protect access to TightVNC server (to be installed on the OpenLP PC). This can be done at least with connection password.

    Hope this help

  • Thank you @abo ! I will try to use a VNC-Connection instead. Another idea was to capture the output of OpenLP with OBS and to stream the capture to an headless raspberry pi with hdmi-out.

    But anyway. A solution like a web based upload tool or remote control for setting up a service (f.e. by invoking the sqlite db would be a great thing. ????

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