3.0.2 issues


Firstly, we love OpenLP. We use it with OBS for live streaming and have created words over live camera feed using a stage. Brilliant stuff!

So since upgrading to 3.0.2 we've just had a few issues which I thought it might just be easiest to list here. If you need any clarification on any of it, do ask:

1. When loading a saved service on the same machine as it was created, it wont load and we have to manually set the service up on a Sunday morning on the fly each time.

2. When trying to load in a PowerPoint slide show with some notices etc. The file is added to the presentation library with a big bin/trash icon and when we try and add it to the service it errors saying the file isn't complete. It's a pptx, have tried saving a fresh copy, saving as ppt etc. But no joy.

3. We have a 5 minute video at the start of the service. Firstly it takes about 4 minutes to add the video to the service (we are going to upgrade the PC though as it's not the quickest so hoping that's all that is) but secondly when the video finishes it automatically starts again even when repeat isn't selected.

I think those are our big three issues at the moment other than general slowness compared to the old version but hoping a PC upgrade will help with that.

Sorry to dump all that and again we do love OpenLP but these little issues are causing us headaches on a Sunday morning at the moment.




  • I have a similar problem to number 3.

    The video loads ok but when it finishes, it repeats the first couple of seconds, then ends. It's the same with Linked audio files in Songs. The music plays OK, but when it ends, it repeats the first couple of seconds, then ends. I am using various types of files including mp3, wav and mpeg and it does it with all. I copied the service plan to a MacBook, and the problem does not exist, it looks to be just a Windows problem. Both Windows and MacBook machines are on v3.0.2.

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    Regarding number 2:

    What PowerPoint version do you use? And are the pptx and/or service files stored on a cloud drive like OneDrive or DropBox?

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