Notes to musicians

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I have been trying to add notations on the chord view that won't appear on the song view for the congregation. I'm trying to remind musicians of softer, louder dynamics or other notations. I tried to put them in [ ] but it only takes chords. Other things I've tried either show on both song and chord views or on neither.


  • Me too! Whether it's dynamics, counts, repeats, alternate chord progressions (e.g., when going somewhere else in the song), I want to add notes of some sort to the chord line and have it only display on the chord view.

    [] doesn't work since that's chords only.

    If I remember {cl} tags work BUT they should up on a different line from the chords.

    I 'm not a programmer so I haven't looked I to the html, csss, eieio files but I'm willing to ride in on someone else's coattails if they are willing to share their wisdom and insight

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