Separate Backgrounds from Themes.


I don't really know a whole lot about programing, and I know the OpenLP team is rather small, but is it possible to eventually separate Backgrounds from Themes?

It would be nice to have a separate library to pick our Still and Motion backgrounds from. That way you can then choose from a smaller selection of themes (or templates so to speak) to control your on-screen layout. I know we currently have the Image Library, but that only allows you set those as a BG after the item is sent live. That method is distracting in the middle of a service and also does not allow you to do the same for videos.... at least not that I have found.

The send to live button could remain the same, but the add to service button could be updated to open a small window that allows you to choose what background and font theme you want to use, before it gets added to the service. Of course, the default settings for it would be whatever you have set as your default color and layout theme.

Main reason for the request, is that our church needs to maintain our song and theme libraries across 3 different rooms (granted not all are used every Sunday or Wednesday, but often enough to be annoying), which all have different projection systems with different qualities to them. While the themes might work for the Sanctuary, they don't always work elsewhere in the building. Having to constantly keep track of each system and change the themes to fit those locations requirements gets tiresome. And it would just be so much nicer to have 1 or 2 themes controlling the layout, then having to fix them every time we update the library for that room. Sometimes it's only 1 theme sometimes it's 5 or more.


  • Hello! It would require significant changes in the code (and some time to do it), but it's possible.

    But if you change the Theme Level (Settings -> Themes) to Song Level, you can change individual service item's theme by right-clicking it and using "Change Item Theme" menu (it doesn't need to be live).

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