Display screen reverts to desktop if OpenLP loses focus whilst playing video

Our Atem mini has just failed :( so I'm implementing an OBS (29.1.3) solution on our OpenLP (3.0.2) machine to do stream control.

Mac M1 running Ventura 13.4.1(c)

Our main control is using BitFocus companion and a Stream Deck - controlling OpenLP, our PTZ camera, and the atem (now OBS) off the same interface.

One thing that this enables is live editing of songs, or of the service plan - I can spot an error and fix that using the keyboard/mouse whilst the stream deck uses the api to advance to the next lines of the verse etc.

The issue I am having is that if OpenLP loses focus whilst playing a video... then the display screen (screen 2 in our case) reverts to the desktop (I thought it was blanking, but that's because my wallpaper on that display is black as a precaution).

That means a potential "oops" moment if we decide to use the few calm minutes whilst running a video to make a change to anything else (and with OBS on the same machine that's become a distinct possibility).

I don't know if the same issue occurs with presentations, since we export down to PDF and the issue doesn't affect those, or song words, or images/custom slides etc.

I assume this isn't intended behaviour, but can't see any obvious UI workaround options.

Is this something other people see with the latest version of OpenLP - it doesn't seem to matter what the other application is, it's just when OpenLP loses focus whilst playing video. It will then recover for the last frame of the video, and go to blank (which is expected behaviour at the end of a video).

Interested to know if people on different OSes see the same as well as other mac users.

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