UI doesn't build correctly. All components are super large.- FIXED

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I have a problem with OpenLP 3.0.2 on a Windows 11 Hp Pavillion All in One 24-r0xx. The User interface components are far too large, so the UI does not build correctly.

I thought is was something to do with an incorrect upgrade, so I built a OpenLPPortable on another system which works perfectly until I try to launch it on this system. On startup it says there is a display resolution conflict, but this is to be expected as the laptop has a second screen. I saw an earlier discussion where similar things were happening because because windows was reporting the wrong size, but as you can see OpenLP knows the correct screen size.

Any ideas?


  • Solution.

    This is a graphics driver problem.

    System had a HP provided driver (Windows 10) for Intel UHD 630 Graphics Card ( The system has been upgraded to Windows 11, but HP do not provide Win 11 drivers for this card, so it was stuck.

    I replaced the HP driver with an Intel provided DCH driver ( to remove the OEM lock and OpenLP looks beautiful again. :-)

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