Version 3.0.2 not fully opening 2.4.6 osz file because of duplicate image file names

In our church we use image exports from a ppt for every thing that is not song related. Even though the image files are sequentially numbered there are occasions when images are used more than once. This is shown in my Tea related example below. I did it twice, the first image is on 3.0.2 and the second is using 2.4.6.

So fundamentally, the re-use of images is supported and both OpenLP versions can open their saved service files. However if I try to open the 2.4.6 version on 3.0.2 it fails with an invalid or corrupt service file error after the first image import.

I have attached the log which shows that the problem is with the renaming (hashing) of the image file, and of course when it tries to do this on the second instance the same file the original image file does not exist.

I realise that it is an edge case and probably only applies whilst users are in the process of transitioning to version 3, but the inability to open up the service file and no way to fix it without a handy 2.4.6 system is quite major. We know about it now so we can run OpenLPPortable3.0.2 on our beamer laptop and can keep 2.4.6 installed until all our service creators are migrated. Some other OpenLP users may be caught out. Could this be fixed?


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