Display screen doesn't show up on my mirrored projectors version 3.02

I upgraded from version 2.4.3 x86 to the newest version on the openlp website 3.0.2 x64. Now I am having an issue. When I throw any scripture, song, or custom slide LIVE, I see the projected item on the primary monitor, but on the Epson and Hitachi network projectors they blip the projected item for a nano second then nothing. I am not seeing the Openlp projected screen on the projectors only the windows background and taskbar of the monitor. Side note: The show background button is not engaged during testing of this issue. Although if I do click show desktop, I can see the mouse moving around. The presentation just is not showing on the network pjlink projectors, but is showing on the physical monitor that is mirrored to the projectors. I need help figuring this out, we aren't able to use our projectors in our church, thanks!

My Setup:

Windows 11 Desktop computer

1024x768 monitor that I have as primary monitor that I mirror through the network to Epson Network projection and Hitachi Network Projection, two projectors.

2nd monitor that I have the OpenLP management window on, not mirrored to projectors


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