screen setup has changed - BUG

Setup: Windows 10 64bit laptop Open LP 3.0.2 -> HDMI out -> switch/scaler -> projector

problem: When switching to HDMI input on stage Open LP displays the message box "screen setup has changed" witch takes focus from the main window.

when switching input on the scaler the presentation moves to the screen and covers the main window so you cant see the message box.

if you switch back without clicking ok in the message box the program crashes. when pressing "d" before switching over you can click ok on the message box and a second "screen setup has change" message box pops up and you can click ok on that too.

cause? the two message boxes conflict in some way, if you don't clear the first, the second causes the crash?

Reproducible: I recreated the problem on my home computer by unplugging my secondary display.

Workaround: hit "d" before switching input on the scaler, you can now see the message boxes and clear the first message box before the second shows up.

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