A bunch of us cannot upgrade to the newest version of OpenLP we are stuck on 2.4.6!!!!

All of the newer versions past 2.4.6 are messed up, including the newest. Multiple people are having the issue of getting a black screen in OBS Studio while using OBS Studio and OpenLP. Also, regarding the same issue, my network pjlink projectors do not see the projected screen, but only in version 2.4.6 or older. It just blips the live screen for a nano second, then shows the desktop(even though show desktop button is not selected). There is some sort of display issue with OpenLP, in the versions newer than 2.4.6.

No one will listen to us!!!


  • Windows 11, Intel onboard graphics, 2 monitors with projectors mirroring the primary presentation monitor. 2.4.6 works great, but all other newer versions do not work.

  • Hello,

    OpenLP is written by a small team of developers who write this software in our spare time and give it away for free. We have limited time available, limited money, and try our best to cover the most common scenarios of our users. Due to our limited resources, we are not always able to test out every single scenario that our users can possibly imagine.

    Despite how vocal the OBS users are, they are still in the minority, and in our experience most people who are using OBS and OpenLP side-by-side do not have these problems. The church that I personally attend uses OpenLP 3.0.2 and OBS successfully every Sunday.

    Having said all of that, today we released a Release Candidate for the upcoming 3.1.0 version of OpenLP. It has a TON of bug fixes, and MAY solve some of your problems. You may want to try backing up all your OpenLP data and giving it a spin to see if it fixes any of your problems.

    We welcome detailed high quality error reports, especially those with a thorough trouble-shooting process and screenshots or videos to match.

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