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I discovered OpenLP when looking for presentation software for our church. We used it this past Sunday with great success. One feature I would like to see is the ability to add transitions to the slides so that they do not "jump" from one to the next in a song. The ability to cross-fade slides would be really nice.

Thanks to all who have contributed time and effort to make this great program available.


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    I'll second this.

    At the very least I'd like to have the ability to set a time to fade between slides: 0 = no fade (like current), 1 = 1 second transition, etc.

    This should also apply to changing to the background or blank screen (i.e. clicking to show a blank screen fades out if a value is set).

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    i'll third that - i tried out openlp for the first time and the only reason why im gonna have to try anythign else is that transitions are an expected norm these days ( i think )

    by the way the other issue was that (to be honest) i didnt like the hotkey support - i thought that having to press control + alt to get them working would make most users not bother - you should really be able to set both the keys and the modifiers to make this at all usefull - my 2c

    great program tho

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    Slide transitions have been requested by several people, however at the moment we are primarily concerned with making slide changes as quick as possible and so are currently not in the plan for version 2.

    Hotkey support will be improved with easier one-key shortcuts in version 2.

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    great to hear about hot keys in version 2 - if any programmer is looking for inspiration then cubase ( software sequencer ) has for me the best hotkey setup in any program i've used.


    i am also curious - i read about plugin's for version 2 - is it possible that people could write plugin(s) to give transitions functionality


    is there any clues at this stage roughly when v2 is expected ? - im not trying to rush progress just curious so that i might be able to plan around it maybe

  • Now that we have a basic transition functionality I would like to say that it would be nice with the possibility to change how long time the transition is active and overall better control over the transitions but I totally understand that other stuff get higher priority.
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